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Crisis in a Surrey Harem by Lucy Abelson"Iím talking to a man whoís had four wives and keeps a wolf." Impey Dalrymple falls into the clutches of Jules Challenger. When a Greek diplomatís family fail to pay her for editing his memoirs, she finds herself working for the debt collector.

Jules wants to know who has vandalised his companyís emblem. Someone has hacked the arms off a prized sculpture of his first wife. This gruesome replica of his second wifeís death makes the eccentric millionaire wonder whether the perpetrator has a grudge against him. He commissions Impey to find out whether the culprit opposes his plans to use the golf club as a wild life park or has some deeper personal antagonism. As the job tears into her friendships, Impey becomes more worried about her own involvement with Jules. The disappearance of a rich spinster, who was his mentor, plus the deaths of a couple of ex-wives make her fear for her own safety.

Hardback £16.99 ISBN 978-0-9557631-4-4
Paperback £8.99 ISBN 978-0-9557631-5-1

About Lucy Abelson

Born in Brundall in Norfolk, Lucy Abelson grew up in Kent where her father ran a small tutorial college and her mother practised as a doctor. Since they met playing mixed foursomes on the golf course, the Wildernesse Club played a big part in family life. Lucy spent much of her time off school in the children's corner of the Sevenoaks bookshop. Although she devoured fiction, she managed to win a general knowledge competition set by the bookshop which led to a prize giving ceremony with Noel Streatfield. On hearing the ten year old wanted to be a "writer like you"; when she grew up, the great author responded to the hoots of laughter from assembled grown-ups, "This little girl wants to steal my job". Undeterred Lucy started contributing to magazines during her school days at West Heath. Her first full time job was on Honey magazine. She also wrote for many other magazines before progressing to newspapers. For 17 years she was on the staff of the Sunday Express as a feature writer and a columnist. She is married with three children.

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Ancestral Hazard by Lucy Abelson
"A most amusing and entertaining read. From my golfing experiences over many years one could recognise the characters portrayed in your book, most with fond memories, and also some of the political issues. The etiquette is relevant to life today."
Ruth Whitehead, former Operational Chairman EWGA (English
Women's Golf Association)

"A great read, full of personality ... drama unfolds with plenty of social challenges and surprises. Full of pace, fun and entertainment - I'd thoroughly recommend this book."
Murder in a Surrey Tribe by Lucy Abelson
"Totally recommended: this is a delightful novel with an intriguing plot. Beautifully written by someone who obviously knows the workings of a golf club! As a non golf player myself I have to admit I found the insight into club life riveting. Many clever and profound insights into the way people behave (showing that we are only animals after all!) added something to a most enjoyable read."

"Really enjoyed this excellent page turner. I'd recommend this book to anyone. Great holiday read!"
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