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Forget-me-nots by Lucy AbelsonSome people you canít forget; others you want to forget; some people want to forget you. All the stories in Forget-me-nots feature memorable people, folk who for some reason or other will not go away, whether their friends, enemies or relations want them to or not.

In these stories Lucy Abelson searches for that uniqueness people have which turns them into living ghosts. Though the stories are fiction, in every story there is one truth, something which has happened to herself, a relation or a dear friend.

All over the world the tiny blue flowers, though there are other colours, have inspired legends. They have also been a symbol of people who need to be remembered. Although their reputation is for the good, in Lucy Abelsonís stories the forget-me-nots are simply people who cry out not to be forgotten.

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Murder in a Surrey Tribe: 1 Murder in a Surrey Tribe by Lucy Abelson

GR rating: 5 of 5
"Totally recommended: this is a delightful novel with an intriguing plot. Beautifully written by someone who obviously knows the workings of a golf club! As a non golf player myself I have to admit I found the insight into club life riveting. Many clever and profound insights into the way people behave (showing that we are only animals after all!) added something to a most enjoyable read."

"Really enjoyed this excellent page turner. I'd recommend this book to anyone. Great holiday read!"
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